Medical Malpractice

We have the knowledge and experience of sorting through medical malpractices cases, you’ll need a team that fully understands what you need to win. Let us help you get the justice you deserve.

Working with you; fighting for you.

We’ll fight for you to help you get the thorough representation you deserve. We’re available to come to you, so you can feel completely confident that we are knowledgeable and completely understand your case.

  • Create a detailed history of medical care and treatment
  • Create a list of all doctor and health care providers who saw or treated you
  • Gather all medical records related to incident
  • Gather all x-rays, MRI’s and diagnostic tests
  • If scarring occurs, take pictures
  • Get list of all witnesses who know of your medical condition or who went with you to doctor’s visits
  • Contact us immediately
  • Do not post comments or pictures on your social network