Avoid Legal Issues during Your Summer Vacation

protect yourself when on family vacationSchool will soon be out for summer, which likely means you are in the midst of planning a vacation for your family.  By following the tips below, you can avoid potential legal issues that might arise while traveling.

  • Make sure travel documents for you and your family are taken care of well in advance.  For example, if you are going abroad, everyone in your family will need a current passport, which can take approximately four to six weeks to process.  Additionally, you should visit travel.state.gov to see if a Visa is necessary for where you are travelling. Most importantly, do not forget that everyone in your family will need to show a valid proof of identification at the airport.  For adults, a valid driver’s license is sufficient.  You should contact the airline you are using to see what they consider to be valid proof of identification for children.
  • If you are renting a vacation home or condo, make sure that your rental agreement is in writing.  Review the contract completely and thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.  Do the same for any contracts associated with renting a car, boat, etc.  If any part of a contract is unclear to you, consider consulting with an attorney prior to signing.
  • Put all of your personal, legal, and financial information in one place before you leave town, and let a friend or family member you trust know where to locate it if it is needed.
  • Review all of your critical legal documents, such as your will or healthcare power of attorney, and update them if necessary.  Travel can be unpredictable, and should you become incapacitated in some manner, it is very important to have the proper paperwork in place for those who you have chosen to make decisions on your behalf and care for your children.

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