Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

medical-ambulance_car hit biker GSThe number of pedestrians involved in automobile accidents each year is staggering.  According to the Center for Disease Control, 4,743 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in 2012, and another 76,000 were injured.  This means that there is one automobile-related pedestrian death every 2 hours and one injury every 7 minutes in the United States.

Naturally, whether you are in the role of driver or pedestrian, this is the type of accident you would like to avoid.  As a driver, it is your duty under the law to always exercise reasonable care while behind the wheel.  Actions such as speeding, distracted driving, failure to yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks, disobeying traffic signals or signs, failure to signal when turning, failure to adjust to the current weather or traffic conditions, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can lead to deadly consequences on the road.

As a pedestrian, you must also exercise reasonable care for your own safety based on reasonably anticipated consequences.  You should never dart out in front of a moving vehicle, cross the street anywhere other than at a crosswalk, disobey the “walk” signal at an intersection, or walk out into traffic in a way that causes disruption of the traffic flow.  All of these things put you at risk of serious injury or death.

If you are involved in a car accident with a pedestrian, you should treat it as you would any other vehicle accident.  First, move off the road, if possible, call an ambulance, if needed, and then call the police.  Exchange basic contact and insurance information with others involved, but do not discuss anything beyond inquiring if the other parties are okay.  Contact your auto insurance company as soon as possible to report the accident.  Finally, contact Injury Law on Call at 757-282-6800 to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can properly advise you.

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