Do I Need a Lawyer Even if I Have Insurance?

personal injury attorney adviceSimply put, even when you have insurance, a personal injury lawyer will be able to simplify your journey through the legal process.  Attorneys are allowed to collect evidence on your behalf, record eyewitness statements, file legal paperwork, and negotiate with the insurance companies of other parties involved.  All of this enables you to better focus on your mental and physical health in the aftermath of your accident.  Below are some more detailed reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer may be right in your situation.

  • If you have been involved in an accident that is not your fault, you can expect the insurance company of the party at fault to contact you quickly to obtain a statement from you about what happened.  Quite often, the opposing party’s insurance company wants to trick you into saying something that will make you sound at fault or otherwise absolve their client of guilt.  By consulting a personal injury attorney before giving a statement, you can avoid these traps.
  • If the opposing party has accepted fault, their insurance company will typically make you a settlement offer that is low as possible, and will pressure you to accept it, even if you do not yet know the extent of your damages and injuries.  If you hire a personal attorney, they will handle these negotiations for you, and dedicate themselves to making sure you are fairly compensated.
  • The possibility exists that the party at fault will have a minimal insurance policy which will not cover all of your damages and injuries.  For this or other reasons, your personal injury case may need to be settled in a court of law.  If this is the case, your personal injury attorney can handle the administrative responsibilities pertaining to the lawsuit, and will also fully prepare you for what to expect in the courtroom, all with the end goal of getting the best possible result for you.

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