Injury Law On Call FAQs


Serving All of Hampton Roads / Tidewater Area

1. Why do I have to submit my bills to my own health insurance?

2. Does it cost me anything to speak to an attorney?

3. How long does it take?

4.  Do I have to go to court?

5. If I already have an attorney and do not like them, can I fire them?

6. What if I don’t have health insurance?

7. How soon will my bills get paid?

8. What if my bills get turned over to collections?

9. What about property damage, how do I get my car fixed?

10. What are medical payment benefits?

11. When should I seek medical care and treatment?

12.  What do I do if the insurance co. for the other party/employer calls me?

13. If I accept money from the insurance co., does it end my case?