Workers’ Compensation Claims

As an employer, you of course make safety an utmost priority and hope you never have an employee injured while on the job.  However, it is important to be prepared should that day ever come. First of all, it should be stated very clearly in your company policy that any accident which occurs in the workplace should be immediately reported, even if the injured worker feels the injury is minor.  From there, your first priority is to make sure your employee has any medical assistance needed.  … [Read more...]

Auto Accidents and Your Insurance Rates

If you are involved in an auto accident, chances are you will be very grateful to have your insurance company on your side as they help you work through the many decisions you need to make after the fact.  Your insurance company will talk you through the process of getting your car inspected and then either repaired or replaced to get you safely back out on the road again.  However, once the initial shock of the car accident has worn off, you may be wondering if what occurred will mean an … [Read more...]

Tips on Working with Insurance Companies

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, it is advisable to contact your car insurance company as soon as possible to provide them with details of the event.  If the other driver involved follows the same advice, you may very well receive a call from their insurance company before you have the chance to contact an attorney for advice.  If you are still shaken up from the accident, you may inadvertently say something that could have a negative impact on your claim in the future.  … [Read more...]