What happens if Your Child is injured at a Sports Facility?

Each year, more than 3.5 million children age 14 and under receive medical treatment for sports related injuries.  As a parent, the thought of your child suffering a sports related injury is likely one of your major fears.  After all, nobody wants to see their child going through physical and emotional pain.  If such an incident occurs in your family, you may wonder if you have any legal recourse against the facility in which the injury occurred.  The answer depends upon if the injury was the … [Read more...]

Is Getting Sick on a Cruise Ship Grounds for a Lawsuit?

If illness has ruined your well-deserved vacation on a cruise ship, you may wonder if you are entitled to sue the cruise line for medical expenses and other damages which occurred as a result.  Just as with any personal injury case, your ability to file a lawsuit against the cruise line depends on if you can prove that 1) The cruise line or one of its employees was negligent (did not exercise reasonable care), and 2) That negligence caused your illness. There are three main causes of illness … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation Claims

As an employer, you of course make safety an utmost priority and hope you never have an employee injured while on the job.  However, it is important to be prepared should that day ever come. First of all, it should be stated very clearly in your company policy that any accident which occurs in the workplace should be immediately reported, even if the injured worker feels the injury is minor.  From there, your first priority is to make sure your employee has any medical assistance needed.  … [Read more...]

Auto Accidents and Your Insurance Rates

If you are involved in an auto accident, chances are you will be very grateful to have your insurance company on your side as they help you work through the many decisions you need to make after the fact.  Your insurance company will talk you through the process of getting your car inspected and then either repaired or replaced to get you safely back out on the road again.  However, once the initial shock of the car accident has worn off, you may be wondering if what occurred will mean an … [Read more...]

Can I Be Sued if I Wasn’t Driving?

In most car accident cases, liability for the accident falls to the person who is determined to be at fault.  Usually, fault is placed on the driver of one of the vehicles involved, due to that person’s reckless driving or negligence.  However, there are some special circumstances in which you could be held liable for a car accident and sued for negligence when you were not the person driving at the time of the accident.  In fact, it can happen even if you weren’t in the car at all.  Being held … [Read more...]

What to do when a Mechanic has Damaged Your Vehicle

The ability to get from place to place, such as from your home to work or to the grocery store, is a key component of your daily life.  Therefore, when your car breaks down, it is a major inconvenience, and you trust in a mechanic to fix your vehicle the right way the first time.  So what happens if you leave your vehicle with a mechanic and it is returned with issues that weren’t present before you dropped it off? There are two types of claims that you may be able to pursue.  First, if there … [Read more...]